Sisters share love of movies online

Posted Jan 15, 2010 By Anil Jhalli

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 Angie and Chantale Sauvé have launched their own website expressing their love for cinema.
Anil Jhalli, Orleans EMC
Angie and Chantale Sauvé have launched their own website expressing their love for cinema.
EMC Entertainment - Their love for movies started at a very young age, and now, two sisters from Orléans are sharing their passion with other movie buffs.

Chantale and Angie Sauvé are the brains behind Cinema Obsessed, a website that offers anything from upcoming projects to their favourite movies quotes and even a little trivia.

The website was launched in the summer of 2008.

"It's been a lifelong obsession really," said Chantale. "It was our dad that introduced us to movies."

They have been the go to people from family friends for movie recommendations, and for awhile, had discussed the possibility of running their own website, sharing with the world their love for Hollywood.

"We are all about joking around," said Angie. "The site is about the celebration of movies, no matter how good or cheesy they are."

With tons of movie websites out there, the sisters say their site is more unique.

"We don't go for the obvious like any breaking news," said Chantale, who, like her sister, enjoys a comedy or an old fahsioned musical. "We have monologues up there, we have our favourie dinner scenes from movies to our favourite quotes. No other site really does throwbacks to movies. We do get excited on upcoming projects and share our thoughts, but really, we focus on the movies that are already out."

And the sisters have gained quite the following.

"You can get anyone to talk about movies," said Angie. "Everyone is a movie critic and we can tell by how many people are folliwng the site. We have people telling us how much they love the same movies we do and we even have people saying they want to take road trips here to meet us. It's been quite amazing."

If there is any doubt how much these sisters love movies, its apparent in their home, especially the basement. They have a collection of more than 2,000 DVDs and have plans to have a balcony built into their wall with muppets versions of themselves- a tribute to the Muppets show movie critics. They have framed posters and plan to have a red carpet leading into their basement.

"We have so many ideas," said Angie. "We are constantly thinking of what we want to do."

While the site was launched just for fun, they do have long-term goals. They want to open an online store with Cinema Obsessed merchandise. Right now, it's just about getting the word out.

"We still have a lot to learn," said Angie.

Tired of what Hollywood has to offer these days - a repetitive formula that leaves movie goers wanting more, they both said - they even have plans to write their own screenplay.

"We have a lot of ideas," sand Angie. "We really want to do a comedy. There's a lot of male duos director out there, but there are no sister duos. It's time for us to be the first."

For more information, visit www.cinemaobsessed.com