New Orleans is the perfect place for you to flex the custom t shirts and versatility of your wardrobe, and it’s a gorgeous location to take those awe-inspiring Instagram pictures. However, what exactly should you bring to New Orleans? What pieces do you need to make sure you stay both stylish and comfortable in this amazing city? In this article, you will know everything you need to know about New Orleans fashion.

Known for its lively live jazz clubs that keep the party going from dusk until dawn, for the big, beautiful oak trees that line the city’s park and bike lanes, and for delectable, world-class cuisines, there are countless things to do in fabulous New Orleans. Just as there are a million places to go to, and a thousand things you can do, there are also just as many chances for you to dress your best.

Be Bold

The city is known for its creativity and lively spirit. Accordingly, people’s style and clothes reflect this quality. It is not uncommon to find bold prints on custom t-shirts and bright patterns in flowing skirts on the streets of New Orleans. Don’t get carried away, though. Accessorize well and balance the colors and patterns of your clothes, and you’ll find yourself blending right into the rich, colorful landscape of the city.

Keep it Cool

Make sure you wear something that lets your skin breathe. With all the walking and exploring you’ll be doing in this majestic town, you’re sure to encounter heat and sweat. Luckily, breathable fabrics and flowing skirts are just what the doctor ordered. It can get chilly, too, so make sure to bring a jacket.

Make it Movable

As much as there is so much of the city to admire, such as Frenchmen Street and St. Charles Avenue, there is just as much time to move and dance. There is much to explore, from a handful of bars to a number of art galleries, you’ll find yourself walking a lot, so make sure to bring shoes that don’t pinch your toes.

Of course, there’s also time for dancing. With the number of lively clubs and bars that line the streets of New Orleans, you will need a pair of sensible yet fashionable dance shoes that can carry you from the night all the way through the morning.

Wear Hats

If you have a hat collection, this is the place to flaunt it. New Orleans might be the only place in the world where you can wear a floppy beach hat and an old trucker cap on the same day and still look as if you fit right into the scene. Hats aren’t only a fashion statement, they’ll also shield your eyes from the harsh rays of the bright city sun as you peruse the gorgeous and charming shops lining the streets of the city.

There is much to be done in New Orleans and, just as well, much to be worn! So, be sure to pack your best hat and your cutest jacket.

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