As a city rich in culture, New Orleans certainly has several cultural arts you can enjoy. Try checking out the following:

New Orleans Theatre

New Orleans has different theatres that offer superb art performances throughout the year. After all, the city is home to a number of theater companies, some of which are as follows:

  • Delta Festival Ballet – a leading cultural development theater that devotes itself to appreciating the art of dance by putting on performances such as The Nutcracker.
  • Joy Theatre – a theater featuring a stylish design and high-capacity seating (12,000), making it ideal for socialization.

Symphony Orchestras

The Crescent City is famous for its musical arts. You can rate its musical art by visiting symphony orchestras such as the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra which plays classics, including light classics, specials, outreach concerts, and so much more.

Ballet and Dance

Almost all venues in New Orleans have ballet and dance performances. Among the newest ballet entries is the modern Marigny Opera Ballet which started back in 2014 and is located at the Marigny Opera House.


Who said art is all about galleries, dance, and culture? If you enjoy reading books, then you must enjoy New Orleans’ literature culture. The city is home to renowned authors whose works you can find in a number of bookstores throughout the city. You can either visit bookstores such as Octavia Books and Faulkner House Books or attend its host of literary and film festivals.

New Orleans Museums

Learn more about the history of the city, its culture, and customs from the many museums you can find in the city. There are art museums which you can find on the city streets, history museums where you get to hear the stories of the city’s historical past, and family museums designed for kids of all ages.