As a party city, residents of New Orleans enjoy staying up late. If you love late night parties, or simply want to have a look at the New Orleans nightlife, here is a list of places you can pay a visit to:

Night Music Clubs

While you may think you had fun during the day, wait ‘til the moon rises and cocktails begin flowing. During your visit to New Orleans, you can expect a lot of fun, especially in its nightlife. Here are some of the music clubs that will excite your nights:

  • Metropolitan Nightclub – it’s smoking machines and intricate lighting set the mood for the perfect clubbing night.
  • Ampersand – the club assumes décor that is similar to the Metropolitan club. The sprawling couches for the VIP section, their shots, and beer specials have you covered for the night.

Jazz Club

They say Jazz originated from New Orleans. There is only one way to find out if this is true. You can enjoy listening to jazz in the following areas:

  • Preservation Hall – said as the home of traditional Jazz, the room has been hosting the best classical musicians for decades. It is the ideal place to visit if you love listening to relaxing music as you enjoy the city’s nightlife.
  • Palm Court – a jazz café famous for its traditional piano jazz, Palm Court lets you enjoy the classic cocktail and Creole food as the band plays.


If you enjoy placing bets for a good time, the city also has casinos you would like to try out. One of them is Harrah’s Casino which is famous for delivering high-octane gaming with more than 2,000 slot machines and 100 table games.

Gay Club

Don’t feel left out because you have a unique personality and are in a new city. There are several places you can pick and interact with others whom you share the same preferences with. Places such as the Oz or Napoleon’s Itch are among the places you want to check out.

Sports Bars

Like other cities, New Orleans doesn’t mess with football. Enjoy your game and meet other sports fans in bars such as The Jimani and Jockey’s Sports Bar.