New Orleans ranks high among cities for foodies across the country. It has a slew of destinations that offer fine dining, casual dining, healthy dining, and more.

Romantic Restaurants

If you’re in for a romantic date, then the New Orleans streets could be your best choice. Keep the love between you and your partner blazing by visiting any of these options:

Bayona – explore the flavor the city has to offer as you gobble down wine with your spouse in a romantic setting. Remember to call them earlier to make a reservation.

Muriel’s Jackson Square – being the focal point of the city’s French quarter, Muriel’s Jackson Square comes with a balcony which gives you an excellent view of the historic Jackson Square.

Louisiana Bistro – this restaurant has an intimate yet informal appearance. The décor and the location make it the perfect restaurant for lovers. Additionally, its classy atmosphere and chef’s skills come in handy.

Sunday Brunches

New Orleans features a variety of Sunday brunch choices which you’ll surely love. Here are among the many choices you want to consider:

  • Brennan’s Restaurant – the ideal place for anyone who enjoys having their brunch in an elegant and soothing environment. Besides being classic and having perfect interior decor, it is suitable for children too.

  • Briquette – despite being famous for their seafood, they offer excellent breakfast options as well. The restaurant has a contemporary but casual character. Their tables are of refurbished wood, and their open-styled kitchen makes it even more interesting.

Late Night Dining

New Orleans really enjoy its nightlife, and the same applies to some of its dining spots. Depending on where you stay, you can certainly find a lot of late night dining options. Most restaurants serve 24 hours, making late-night dining easy and convenient. You might want to check the following:

  • Joey K’s Restaurant & Bar – a cool space with a festive phrase décor, this dining option features a beautiful interior with a casual and home-style appearance.
  • The Galley – if you’re looking for late night dining featuring seafood, then this local restaurant is for you. Aside from serving delicious meals, their food choices are all fresh and abundant.