Vaping is a new trend that has been making rounds of clamor both from tobacco smokers and non-smokers alike. However, the Vaping trend is still on as vaping has been considered a status symbol of being “in” and “fashionable”.

Vaping is technically the trend of using an electronic cigarette to mimic tobacco smoking. These electronic cigarettes, shortly called “vape”, are vaporizers held by hand and powered by batteries. The batteries power the heating element in the electronic cigarette, resulting in the liquid solution to vaporize. The atomized liquid forms the smoke inhaled by vapers.

That said, if vaping interests you, then you might want to check out these top vape shops located in New Orleans, Los Angeles!

One Stop Vapes and Phones

Located in the downtown Harvey area, this vape shop in Woodmere Boulevard is a mixed type shop that offers both vaping services and phone aesthetics services. They accept credit cards, Google, and even Apple Pay payments.

It is easy to drop by when you run out of vaping paraphernalia as One Stop Vapes and Phones has a dedicated bike parking area.

Smoke Sum

If you are looking for a larger variety of options for vapes and liquid juice, Smoke Sum is your go-to place, especially if you are nearby the Central Business District. Smoke Sum sells branded and local pipes, bongs, disposables, grinders, and juice pods.

Credit card payments are also accepted here as well as Apple Pay. One ideal thing about this vape shop is that it is accessible for people in wheelchairs. They also sell drinks and snacks.

Crescent City Vape

Owned by very friendly people, Crescent City Vape is one of the very few vape shops in New Orleans that allows dogs inside their store! Crescent City Vape is located in the heart of Central City and closes early at 7 PM. An accessible parking lot is also available for its customers.

Crescent City Vape offers in-house vaping liquid and even offers mixing liquids according to your choice. They also offer premium vapes that will allure even new vapers.

Sky High

Established just in 2018, Sky High offers premium vape juice and coil tanks. They have a wide array of vape accessories that will attract the vaping public. Sky High is just a walking distance away from Canal St. in the Central Business District.

Sky High is open all days of the week to ensure your vaping needs are served. They accept cash and credit card purchases.

Hippie Gypsy

If you’re looking for a vape shop in New Orleans that is open until the late hours of the night, Hippie Gypsy is the one you are looking for. It closes as late as 12 midnight for some days of the week. It is also located within the Central Business District.

Hippie Gypsy was founded in 2009 and is one of the first vape shops in New Orleans. The shop imbibes a spirit of hip fashion of the 1960s and 1970s. They sell vaporizers, water pipes, and even handmade hippie garments like pants, tops, and purses.

Which of these top vape shops in New Orleans have you visited before? Can you add others that you have experienced already?

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