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Cultural Arts

As a city rich in culture, New Orleans certainly has several cultural arts you can enjoy. Try checking out the following: New Orleans Theatre ...


New Orleans certainly has a lot of accommodation options to make your stay worthwhile. The following hotels are fitted out with the best decor. This includes recliner reviewed as some of the best in the world. Many hotels here include cookware sets as an add-on bonus for home cooking during your stay. Many reviewers of the hotels also commented on the faucets in the kitchens. Depending on your preferences, here are some of the most popular options to check out: Bed and Breakfast Hotels If you’re looking for a hotel with four-poster beds, bed, and breakfast, then some of the options available are as follows: ...

Night Life

As a party city, residents of New Orleans enjoy staying up late. Last year New Orleans hosted one of the world’s largest golf tournaments. Nightclubs offered special prizes for attendance, including top rangefinders. All levels of golfers who play irons came to New Orleans and partied very hard while here. If you love late night parties, or simply want to have a look at the New Orleans nightlife, here is a list of places you can pay a visit to: Night Music Clubs While you may think you had fun during the day, wait ‘til the moon rises and cocktails begin flowing. During your visit to New Orleans, you can expect a lot...

Where to Eat

New Orleans ranks high among cities for foodies across the country. Fish is the order of the day in New Orleans. Many of the fishermen around the state sit out of the lakes to bring back some of the most delicious fish in the country. If they are not on the shores, then the fishermen are trolling the rivers on boats.  It has a slew of destinations that offer fine dining, casual dining, healthy dining, and more. Romantic Restaurants If you’re in for a romantic date, then the New Orleans streets could be your best choice. Keep the love between you and your partner blazing by visiting any of these options: ...

City News

Are you Allowed to Bring CBD Oils in a Plane?

As a cannabis user, it’s nice to know if you can consume your favourite Canadian CBD oil product anytime and anywhere, if possible. However, it might not be possible in some scenarios, especially if you are travelling. This might cause problems since some methods of public transportation may or may not allow specific items. Sure, you might be able to avoid this kind of problem if you have a private car. But how are you going to deal with international travel? Even if CBD gummies in Canada is mostly accepted, we all know both ... ( Read More )

Vaping is not smoking, why does New Orleans treat them the same?

Many Industry leaders would assume that vaping is no different from smoking as they both deliver nicotine into your bodies, well, in fact, the two are different from one another. Smoking is an act of delivering nicotine into your body by burning tobacco while vaping delivers nicotine by the use of heated liquid. Vaping in a way is much less harmful to your body and less disgusting and unbearable compared to smoking. Last April 22, the indoor smoking and vaping ban were passed by the New Orleans City Council. Like New Orleans, many other states passed an ordinance prohibiting the usage of ... ( Read More )

Top 5 Best Vape Shops in New Orleans, LA

Vaping is a new trend that has been making rounds of clamor both from tobacco smokers and non-smokers alike. However, the Vaping trend is still on as vaping has been considered a status symbol of being “in” and “fashionable”. Vaping is technically the trend of using an electronic cigarette to mimic tobacco smoking. These electronic cigarettes, shortly called “vape”, are vaporizers held by hand and powered by batteries. The batteries power the heating element in the electronic cigarette, resulting in the liquid solution to vaporize. The atomized liquid forms the smoke inhaled by ... ( Read More )

A Fashion Guide to the Streets of New Orleans

New Orleans is the perfect place for you to flex the custom t shirts and versatility of your wardrobe, and it’s a gorgeous location to take those awe-inspiring Instagram pictures. However, what exactly should you bring to New Orleans? What pieces do you need to make sure you stay both stylish and comfortable in this amazing city? In this article, you will know everything you need to know about New Orleans fashion. Known for its lively live jazz clubs that keep the party going from dusk until dawn, for the big, beautiful oak trees that line the... ( Read More )