New Orleans is a typical tourist attraction city. Therefore, it has more than 60,000 hotels: 22,000 located in downtown while the other 38,000 in the metro area. Despite the different locations, all hotels have lovely beds and finger-licking breakfast offers.

Expect to get a chance to indulge in the globally recognized cuisines and delicious specialty. New Orleans is a city that loves to party, so expect a lot of cocktails, dances, and live music that you can dance to throughout the night. Expect to make a lot of friends as well.

When you visit New Orleans, expect an unforgettable experience. New Orleans is famous for its festival calendar which runs throughout the year. It is also renowned for its unique culture, which you can get to experience during your stay.

Among its many festivities are include the French Quarter Festival, New Orleans Jazz festival, and New Orleans Heritage festival. To get the best experience out of the city’s festivals, be sure to check out different kind of festivals available throughout the year so you can plan ahead.